Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heading Out the Door by Trey

Getting only a day or so away from the Great Canadian Expedition! Work's all done for the month and the Master's class papers are all in. If I can only get Mel to finish the flower girl dresses...

From the sound of things in the Southern and Northern camps, the trip is on everybody's mind. Honestly, I'm just hoping that I can figure out the weird Newfie timezone. Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing the family that we haven't been around in awhile...not to mention meeting the majority of Mel's side!

There's not really going to be a lot in this post, there will be lots of updates and pictures in the weeks to follow, no doubt!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

About time to launch this thing by Trey

Alright. Since I'm one of the few folks in the civilized world to have neither a Facebook nor a Myspace page, this is no small feat. As I write this, Mel is commenting about how surprised she is that I'm playing along. Guess old dogs do learn new tricks occasionally. Well, old dogs just know how to hold out for the right treats, I guess.

Hopefully this webpage isn't too boring for all you out there. The point of the whole deal is to keep our friends and family a little more "in touch" and to provide some form of contemporary journal...both for us and for our kids. Don't get too excited...they're not on their way yet. Please be patient if there's formatting issues at first. After all, I don't have the Facebook experience most of you out there have! Please, leave comments!! Enjoy and God Bless-

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oshkosh '08 by Trey

Oshkosh...Ever heard of it? And not the part that has to do with the kid clothing line. Maybe you're like me and thought it had something to do with a bunch of civilian airplanes flying into an airport in Wisconsin for a week or so. While that's certainly part of the deal, Oshkosh is much more than that. My buddy Paris gave me a call a couple of weeks ago to ask if Mel and I were interested in going. Already having the week off from work, we decided that it would be one of those once in a lifetime things.

In an attempt to spare you the boring details, we two-hoped the nearly six hours up to Oshkosh in Paris's Cessna Cardinal 177RG. The scene that greeted us was what I was expecting times ten. That is to say, it wasn't what I was expecting at all, really...
Privately owned aircraft by the thousands. Something in the order of ten thousand...of every type. In addition to the largest gathering of aircraft in the world, Oshkosh also hosts hundreds of aerial demonstrations, reps from the aviation industry, warbirds, workshops, state of the art cool things, tons of swag (free stuff), you name it. Anything having to do with flying and beyond. We were there from Sunday until Wednesday and didn't begin to see everything that was out there. We camped under the wing of the Cardinal the entire time. Our usual daily ritual involved hitting the "showcase area" early and taking it back to the "house" to eat sandwichs and watch the flybys and airshows through the binoculars in the afternoon. The evenings were spent chewing the fat with our neighbors before hitting the sack. Not a bad vacation!

Long story short...Mel got to hang out in 75-80 degree weather for a few days and I got a chance to see a bunch of airplanes. Actually, we both had a blast and were certainly fortunate to have the great opportunity. Put things into perspective for me, personally. It had been such a long time since I've been around general aviation that I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. The whole trip was an incredible experience for us both that we hope is more than just a one-time deal.
Guess that means we need an airplane now!

The First Adventure of Trey and Mel as remembered by Mel...

June, 2006, I was living in Cold lake, Alberta (IE the frozen hell on earth) and not enjoying the place at all. My job as a Carpenter was getting to me, I was tired of being an accomplice to ripping people off by charging them exuberant amounts of money to do simple jobs like trim and tile work. One day, when the boss came in and angrily questioned me for taking the extra time to do a cabinet and counter top installation properly, I decided that I had enough and needed a vacation, so I QUIT! Instead of just sitting around, I thought it would be fun to work the front desk at a hotel for a couple of weeks before looking for another carpentry job.

Meanwhile, back in Clovis, New Mexico, a very handsome gentleman was in the fast paced life of an F-16 fighter pilot. He was about to, or already started, upgrade rides to become a four ship flight lead while the rest of his squadron was preparing for Maple Flag (a pretend war just like Red Flag.) After a series of unforeseen events, Trey found himself on the list of people going to Canada. The hotel I decided to work at just happened to be the hotel the 524 Fighter Squadron was going to be staying at. So there I was in the middle of a bunch of foreign hotel guests when one very charming gentleman decided to strike up a conversation. For the next week and a half we hung out almost every day and became fast friends, then he left to go back to America.

Trey and I continued getting to know each other over the phone and the Internet. After a month apart he decided to make his way back up to Canada to visit. We spent an amazing 10 days together in Jasper and Edmonton, and then he was gone again. Trey went to Iraq for four months and I was still in Cold Lake, though I am not sure who had it worse! Fortunately we were still able to talk to each other daily. After what seemed like forever, he returned back to the civilized world. Then I came to America, for the first time, for a two week visit with Trey and his wonderful family. I think it was then that we truly realized how great we would be together.

A month later, I had sold my house and Trey was flying up to Canada one more time to jump in my truck and drive Bear (my dog) and I across the border to live in a foreign country! Well that is how it started but there have been many other adventures over the past year and a half since we moved to Wichita Falls.

Between then and now, we have:
  • Attended my brother's wedding in Mexico and Trey's brother's wedding in Mississippi.
  • Travelled to 21 of 50 States.
  • Learned to rock climb
  • Got a hot tub which we enjoy nightly (except for about two months in the summer)
  • Watched many movies and plays
  • I became an advanced open water scuba diver
  • Made lots of new friends at First Baptist Church
  • Spent days on the lake water skiing and wake boarding
  • Learned that the sun burns much faster and harder here than it does in Canada
  • Lived in a small hotel type room at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama for five weeks
  • Visited lots of zoos
  • Spent a week in Phoenix
  • Went scuba diving on the USS Oriskany Aircraft carrier that is sunk off the coast of Pensacola, Florida.
  • Joined the YMCA
  • Attended a Herndon Family reunion
  • Saw my first tarantula (not a good time)
  • I discovered that I could list 48 of 50 states (and learned that New Jersey and West Virginia were states)
  • Taxied the runway at Shepherd AFB in a military jet.
  • Gained a nephew, Riley, through my brother Joey and his wife Aimee and another niece or nephew is on the way via Trey's sister Katie and her husband Tim!
  • Went the longest period of time in my life without stitches or a broken bone.
  • Started learning a second language (German for Trey and French for me)
  • Went rappelling
  • Planned/planning our wedding
  • Flew up to AirVenture 2008 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and were part of one of the most incredible events in aviation.
  • Took many pictures and made tons of great memories along the way and most importantly
  • Learned a lot about each other, and are becoming much stronger and closer as a couple every day!

Surly there are many more that I am not thinking of right now, but the point is that we have been really busy, having fun, being adventurous and enjoying each others company!