Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a quick note...

We may possibly be a couple of the worst bloggers in cyberspace!  I just noticed that it has been over four months since our last post, yikes.  Anyhow, just a quick recap of the last four months...We've been having a great time.  We have been taking little trips here and there, Starkville/Jackson, MS for Thanksgiving and a wedding, then a weekend in Austin, TX for another wedding, next we were driving back to Starkville for New Years then down to Pascagoula, MS (on the coast) for yet another wedding.  We have certainly put some miles (actually kilometers) on the car and got to do lots of visiting with family and friends.

I would like to promise that we will blog more but it looks doubtful.  Trey is very busy with work, school and other hobbies.  We have also been getting more involved at church with different volunteering projects and such and taking the Bradley childbirth classes.  There is some commitment just about every weekend, and at least two weeknights every week!  

There is also the fact that we have only three and a half months to get ready for this fast growing baby, which I have big plans for!  Some of which include renovating his room with wainscoting, new trim and paint, and making curtains, bumper pads, a quilt and other bedding type stuff with a more classy than cutesy baby look.  The whole "eating right" thing has also proven to be quite an effort on my part too.  Getting enough protein, chocking down the leafy greens, and figuring the quickest way to eat veggies without really tasting them.  I used to think I ate fairly well with all the fruit, whole grains, milk and cereal, but now I am eating to grow a healthy baby which means the emphasis has to be on protein, and leafy greens (ick.)  I am sure my Dad would be so happy to see my daily food intake now!

So that's about it for now.  I'll let Trey take the next post and put some pictures up here, since he has become quite a good photographer!  I hope this post finds all of the people reading it (if anyone is reading it) in good health and happy times!  


Annie Pennington said...

Sounds like you are staying nice and busy helping the time go by quickly before you give birth to your precious little guy! Can't wait to see pictures of his room all decorated! Best of luck on the healthy eating...it can be hard! (And something I"ve kinda thrown to the wind this past month or so...eeeek!!)

Erin said...

Tell Trey we are requesting belly shots ;)

g4ry said...

Wow Melanie, so much has happened! I'm really happy to hear that things have turned out so well for you....and a kid! that just doesn't seem possible (I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just like you're all grown up and all). Congratulations!
I don't know if you check this blog ever, but do you have an email I can reach you at? g4rymill3r at gmail.com will get me.